Persistent Weight Loss Myths

Typical misconception about the difference between Fruit and Sugary desserts... they are BOTH sugar!

It’s pervasive! Mis-information about what is healthy to eat. Mis-information about what kind of exercise actually helps you to start burning fat and keep burning fat… Mis-information about hypnosis… Sometimes it’s discouraging. Other times it fires me up and drives me forward on my mission to help people get to where they want to be […]

Drugged Out Nation?

michael wayne article

My Friend Michael Wayne just wrote an excellent article for the Albany Times Union that quite profoundly and succinctly exposes what for many is a sad reality. Check out his full article here: A couple of key points he makes that ought to be an massive eye opening moment for us. 1. Death related […]

How Thoughts Affect Your Body’s Response to Food


If you have ever struggled to lose weight and keep it off, this is an important short video for you to watch. It demonstrates that what you believe about the food you eat has a measurable effect on the levels of hormones that tell your body whether you have satisfied your hunger or not. As […]

A New Weight Loss Video About “Something Deeper?”

What's "Your Purpose Problem"?

Hey, Mark Shepard here with a new video that I made for the participants in the current group weight loss class I’m teaching with Bethany Gonyea, “It’s Not Just About The Food!” I think it bears sharing here because it applies to every client I work with whether it’s anxiety or weight loss or any […]

Group Weight Loss Program

wt loss course intro screen shot

Mark Shepard here from, I just want to share with you a short video on how my new group weight loss program “It’s Not Just About The Food!” is different from other weight loss programs. You might want to mark you calendar for the next weight loss “boot-camp” begins soon and space is limited. […]