Medical Hypnosis In The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article about the proven effectiveness of Medical Hypnosis. (Read the Full Article Here)

One of the points made in the article is that the common perception of hypnosis from stage shows is one of loss of control. The reality is far different. The author points out that, “Real hypnosis for therapeutic purposes gives subjects more control over their minds and bodies, not less.”

As a trainer of hypnosis I continually make the point that hypnosis is essentially opening up communication with your unconscious mind, which is in charge of running your body, breathing your lungs, beating your heart and all the cellular and even molecular functions of your body. Open up that channel and start listening to your unconscious mind and you can be amazed at the positive changes you can see.

What is helpful about this article is that it goes to some pretty heavy weight, and highly respected sources:

“We can teach people how to manage pain and anxiety, ” says David Spiegel, a psychiatrist and director of the Center for Health and Stress at Stanford University who has studied hypnosis for 40 years. “There’s been this mistake in medicine that if you have a certain amount of tissue damage, you should feel this amount of pain. But many things can alter how much pain you feel.”

The article also cites increasing scientific evidence that often catch skeptics by surprise:

“Last week, two studies from Sweden found that one hour a week of hypnotherapy for 12 weeks eased symptoms of irritable-bowel syndrome in 40% of patients (compared with 12% in a control group) and that the positive effects can last as long as seven years.”

One of the areas I disagree with the author is in the standard percentages of people who are highly hypnotizable vs. those who aren’t. In my years of practice I have often found that often the most highly skeptical people are also the most easily led into trance. The bottom line is that our Minds are hard wired to go into trance. What can be confusing for some people is that they may remember everything in a hypnosis session but think they shouldn’t. Other clients have the opposite reaction they think because they went really deep and didn’t remember anything it means that it didn’t work.

The proof is in the result in your life. We can measure the level of pain or craving or anxiety or discomfort on a simple 1-10 scale before and after the session. Clients can also learn how to use self hypnosis to achieve the same benefits as working with a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist.

Many illnesses are a result of our conscious suppression of messages from our unconscious mind. It’s like the little kid who tugs at his parent’s sleeve to get their attention…. The adult ignores it or brushes it aside. The child tugs harder. Still the grown up pays no attention. Finally the kid has to shout! “Mom, Dad! the house is on fire!”

Hypnosis enables us to pay attention to health issues before they get out of hand. And Hypnosis can assist us to heal our bodies even when things have gotten out of hand.

Want to learn more? Read the Full article on Medical Hypnosis in the Wall Street Journal

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