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Hypnosis Works

My name is Mark Shepard and I'm a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Hypnosis as well as several other advanced transformation tools such as … [Continue Reading]

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Weight Loss

This just in! Watch The short video below to learn about my brand new course: "It's Not Just About The Food Online Weight Loss Revolution" check … [Continue Reading]

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Stop Smoking

Smoking Sucks! Your breath. Your money. Your time. Your life. At the moment, I am referring folks who want to stop Smoking to two of the … [Continue Reading]

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Phobias & Anxiety

If you suffer from phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, shyness, GAD, social anxiety, approach anxiety, performance anxiety, fear of flying, fear of … [Continue Reading]


Sports Hypnosis

PERFORMANCE = POTENTIAL - INTERFERENCE If you, your child, your students, your team want to master the inner game that is the ultimate "muscle" in … [Continue Reading]

Sports Hypnosis & NLP  Albany NY

Weight Loss Bootcamp

Weight Loss. It Is Sooooo Not Just About The Food!! Are you 10, 20, 40, 100 pounds or more overweight? Are you sick and tired of being helpless … [Continue Reading]

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What some clients have shared…

"Mark’s intensive phobia-releasing session CURED me. The ‘trigger’ no longer causes me to shake and tremble. That’s a miracle! The healing affected more than just me.”
A. Hart,

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Typical misconception about the difference between Fruit and Sugary desserts... they are BOTH sugar!

Persistent Weight Loss Myths

It’s pervasive! Mis-information about what is healthy to eat. Mis-information about what kind of exercise actually helps you to start burning fat and keep burning fat… Mis-information about hypnosis… Sometimes it’s discouraging. Other times it fires me up and drives me forward on my mission to help people get to where they want to be […]